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Practically speaking, disillusionment is the loss of illusion. In terms of larceny, then, it is the equivalent of having one’s high cholesterol or a perpetually bad habit stolen. Disillusionment, while painful, is evidence which shows the myths that enchant us need not blind us forever, a sign that what is falsely believed can be shattered by what is genuine. In such terms, disillusion is far less an unwanted intrusion than it is a severe mercy, far more like a surgeon’s excising of a tumor than a cruel removal of hope… disillusionment is the precursor to nothing short of resurrection. And faith is the audacity to confront our illusions with the cross upon which we find a self-giving God.

Jill Carattini


The Deacon in The Journey

My contributions appear starting in August in the daily devotional THE JOURNEY available at the All Saints’ bookstore.


Mercy and Sovereignty

From Jon Piper:

Nothing, absolutely nothing, befalls those who “love God and are called according to his purpose” but what is for our deepest and highest good (Psalm 84:11). Therefore, the mercy and the sovereignty of God are the twin pillars of my life. They are the hope of my future, the energy of my service, the center of my theology, the bond of my marriage, the best medicine in all my sickness, the remedy of all my discouragements. And when I come to die (whether sooner or later), these two truths will stand by my bed and with infinitely strong and infinitely tender hands lift me up to God.


Today is my 41st anniversary with Melanie. We got to renew our vows at church last Valentine’s Day. The next day Melanie got word that her mother had begun her final illness. Melanie chose to stay by my side rather than go to Michigan for her mother’s eventual funeral two weeks later. Because when you marry, you leave all others and cleave to your spouse. It has been a difficult year. Thank you, Melanie, for going through it with me. I do love you more than… ever.

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